Best Guide to become a Marketing Freelancer!

If you think selling people’s product by making it sound fancy is your calling then the best way to start your career in it is by freelancing for various projects. Why? Because it makes you understand your niche industry like lifestyle, industrial products or services. I am going to share with you 10 steps on how you can start it off:

1. Get your marketing brain cells working: Pick up 2 random projects that you see over Facebook or around you and start thinking 10 ideas on how you can market them better than what the company is already doing. Discuss them with some marketing peers and if not then just shoot the concerned people a mail and see if they reply you with “We are happy to hear these ideas. How can you implement”. This activity will help you understand how good your thought process is in this field.

2. Work Plan: Once you get a reply from any of these companies, design a work plan for them. Create a generic one before so that you can easily edit it as when need arises. The Work Plan should include what all you can do for them like the number of social media posts, ideas on how their product can be sold through various elements like blogs or collaborations and strategies on how you can increase the customer engagement.

3. Sample your work: This is where you have to sell yourself. In this part you need to convince them about the quality of the work you can provide. Design atleast 4-5 sample social media posts and 10 blog topics that will help in promotion of their product. The creatives should cover different elements by which their idea can be marketed. For example, show how their product can be used for corporate gifting, various tips and tricks of that industry (like fitness tips, etc) and general product awareness posts. And Before this get familiar with Photoshop and Canva.

4. Price Quote: If you are just starting out, quote very minimal as possible as you have to build your own portfolio first to be able charge as per your whim. And as you see that your work is getting a lot of appreciation raise the bar you set before.

5. Contract it out: This is one of the most important things you should concentrate on. The clients can be very tricky in the future and demand more work than what was agreed for. We need to make them comprehend the fact that freelancing work does not mean free work. So set out your deliverables previously on a proper mail with them so that when time comes you have a proof of the work that you were supposed to do and this way nobody feels cheated.

6. Do the talk: Get acquainted with what your client wants and how he/she wants to portray their product. It is very important to apprehend the constraints that they want in terms of their target market. Sometimes they want to focus on a specific Target Group to get a monopoly in that segment and then may be spread out. Discuss all the strategies with them on how you can help winning that TG.

7. Advertisement Budget: Ask them how much they are ready to spend on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram advertisement. A budget will help you design ads for them before time. And they will be happy to see how eager you are to spread their ideas across.

8. Final Work Plan: Once you are familiar with what needs to be done start writing all the To Do’s for a month. Set out what has to be done including the objective of doing it, so that your client has a clear picture on what he is spending his money on. Once you have his confidence, in a few months you won’t need so many authorizations.

9. It’s a war out there: It is really necessary to keep a tab on the client’s competitors and keep him updated about it. Doing it weekly is a good idea. Make sure you eye on everything they are upto so that if need arises you can alter your strategies in time. And this keeps the client more than happy.

10. Not just digital: I agree these days marketing is all about digital Marketing as it is more cost-effective but suggest your client on what can be done offline too or ways they can get more visibility as this all adds upto your value addition to the project.

The rest depends on how well you execute all the planning. I hope these insights help you to start it off like a boss.

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10 Best Instagram Marketing Strategies you need to know!!

Instagram will soon eclipse all Social Media platforms. It has truly created a whole world in itself. Some businesses these days even before going into the technicalities of getting the website made are rather testing the market on Instagram first, thanks to the unparalleled engagement on this platform. When I first came to this platform I was taken aback by the quality of pictures posted here. They were beautiful! And the more I spent time on it I realized that Instagram is more than the prettiness of the pictures. Instagram is a perfect tool for businesses which have a hard time focusing on their target market.

So if you are a business who wants to utilize the full potential of Instagram, the following tips will help you in hitting the bull’s eye:

1. Increase the following: Easier said than done. Gaining the first 500 followers on Insta is the biggest issue you will face. Maybe more hard than recovering from a break up. But there are hacks that I will share with you on it.

  • Now comes the task of getting good numbers. For this I suggest one of my favorite app, Crowdfire. It has a feature of copy followers where you can type any username and copy its followers. So don’t just jump into your competitor’s username and start copying. Wait. We will do that but at a later stage. Start by copying the easy usernames like something from which people are not benefiting but they are still following them. Sample 5-6 followers, see if their Following:Unfollowing ration is advantageous. They are sure to follow you back. Once you have a good number flashing in your followers list, attack the competitor’s followers and show them how your product is better. Just before that make sure you have at least 30-40 posts so they have something to judge you on.
  • Give people a reason to follow you. One of my clients had her own skincare range. As a part of her digital marketing campaign I used to share daily skincare tips and home remedies on every platform. So I wrote in the bio “Follow for Daily Beauty Tips”. I touched the right spot with that because I made sure to give people a follow from where they will learn something everyday.

2. You are official now: Once you have established something close to a brand with your product make your username as Official_<YourCompanyName> and write in the bio that it is the official account for the company. It gives a very commanding impression that the official tag is needed to distinguish itself from people who would be copying. But do that only if you have more than 1000 followers.


3.  Stamp it: Put a logo on your pictures so that when people repost your creativity/contests/giveaways your brand is publicized among thousands of their friends automatically and therefore create some content that is shareable.

4. The clock is ticking: Post at a time where you think your TG will be checking their accounts. Like for college students do it between 3-4 pm and on weekends, for corporate people between 5-6 pm and the weekends. Companies generally skip posting on the weekends but trust me many people become very active on social platforms o the Saturdays and Sundays, so use it wisely.


5. Pretty pictures: Post the pictures which are crystal clear or probably with a filter. It makes the picture look attractive and gives it a subtle effect adding to its sharp features. You need not have a DSLR for the perfect picture but a decent smart phone camera would do just not zoomed much.

6. Gift of giving: If you don’t have anything to offer to your customers other than your product. Make sure to write in your bios “Follow for Giveaways, free samples, contests or free gift”. And hold such events too, at least once in every 2-3 months. Trust me the giving and receiving ration is 1:1000 or even better. So you will have 1000 times the benefit of what you give. It may be slow but it will come.


7. Influencer Marketing: Do collaborate with the Influencers, but there is a lot of clutter to filter from. Chose only a blogger/stylist/celebrity if they have more than 10k-20k followers (trust me there are a lot in the market at good prices) and obviously someone who can represent your brand better. Why go for somebody who is charging the same amount but has few followers. Also make sure to match your product location with their followers’ location.

8. Things trend on Insta too: Use all the trending tools, apps, films, TV shows etc. Like I see a lot of people promoting through Dubsmash videos. We all can agree they are pretty cool and funny. Some brands also used the launch of new season of Game of Thrones as a way to troll and use it for their products reason being, in that span of time people are crazy for that one thing and will notice anything and everything related to it. So make good use of such opportunities. Example, This Breaking Bad Generator will do this job for you in seconds.


9. Get your Target Group: Use hashtags not just to get random likes on your pictures but also to follow the target market. Suppose the corporate people are a part of your TG then go ahead and type a company’s name in the location you prefer in the search tab and search in ‘Places’ option. This opens up a new Pandora’s box for you. You will see thousands of people who have tagged themselves at their offices. Go and follow them blindly. They are your customers served all together on a silver platter. Same goes for restaurants, pubs, colleges, etc.


10. Just Do Your Thing: Go crazy with mix of ideas or just stick to one or two. Make a good mix of elements for your target market and make sure to observe and improvise on the pattern you see.

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